What do Water Dragons eat

Young Water Dragons eat everything, because they grow very fast. They need to be fed daily, with protein foods, insects and other things. They eat all that they can catch and swallow. These can be crickets, worms, zofobas, cockroaches and even mice. For a year they almost fully grow and feed them three times a week. They already need a larger feed such as mice, fish, locusts, large cockroaches. As you grow in the diet, more and more vegetables and greens are added. They prefer carrots, zucchini, lettuce, some like strawberries and bananas, though they only need to be given sometimes.

Water DragonsĀ is a large-sized lizard that lives in Southeast Asia. It is very common in Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, China. Growing Water Dragons can be quite impressive, males up to 1 meter, true 70 cm falls on the tail. Life expectancy is long, especially in captivity, up to 18 years.