What do Weasels eat ?

Weasel is very clever and agile, runs fast, climbs and swims well, is distinguished by great courage and aggressiveness and is a dangerous enemy for all small animals; Its food is made up of house, field and forest mice, rats, moles, young rabbits, hamsters, chickens, pigeons, as well as lizards, copper coins, snakes, even vipers, frogs, insects. In places where it is not pursued, affection is hunted in the daytime and at night. By extermination of mice, it brings great benefit, which, in any case, outweighs the harm it sometimes brings to the kuratniki. Weasel is sometimes successfully repulsed even from relatively large predatory birds (eg, kites).

By mid-April, bright sunlight melted the remnants of snow in the forest, and in the flood plain of the Oka flood began. On the plots that were not flooded with water, fresh young greens were already making their way through the withered past year’s grass. In some places, there were golden-green spots of one of the primrose flowers – a spring cleaner.

Its shiny round leaves look like a hoof, so it’s no surprise that the popular name of this flower sounds like hooves. Chistyak loves wet, damp places – he grows on the banks of rivers, streams, near meadow lakes and marshes, in damp places of deciduous forests. Bright-yellow flowers are closely related to the buttercups, and like them, because of the virulence are not eaten by animals.