What do White Tigers eat ?

In the natural environment, the main food of white tigers is ungulate animals. For a white tiger, it can be deer, wild boar, Indian sambar, etc. Sometimes it happens that the tiger can eat and unusual food for it in the form of monkeys, hares, pheasants, in some cases it can even be fish. On average, for a full-fledged diet, a tiger needs about 50-70 ungulates a year.

At one time, the white tiger eats 30-40 kg of meat. At the same time, the animal can do without food a considerable time. This is due to the presence of subcutaneous adipose tissue, which can reach 5 cm in individual individuals.

In animals, a tiger hunts alone. At the same time, he applies one of the two hunting techniques inherent in him: he sneaks up to the prey or waits for it in ambush. The first method is most often used by a predator in winter, while the second is more common in the summer. Following the prey, the white tiger approaches it from the leeward side, so that the wind does not convey the smell of the tiger to the animal. Moves predator cautious short steps, while often falling to the ground. With the greatest approach to prey, the tiger makes several large jumps, thereby reaching the served animal.

In the second way – waiting – the tiger shelters from the prey, lying at the same time under the wind, and at its approach makes a sharp jerk for a short distance.

If the animal, which is hunting, manages to leave the white tiger for 100-150 meters, then the predator stops hunting. With the pursuit of a tiger can develop a large for such a large beast speed – up to 60 km / h.

When hunting, a tiger can make a jump up to 5 meters in height and up to 10 meters in length. Caught and killed prey can carry a tiger, clenching his teeth, or throwing on his back. In this case, he can carry an animal weighing up to 100 kg. Keeping a dead animal in the teeth with a weight of 50 kg, a predator can overcome an obstacle having a height of up to 2 meters. Very large prey the tiger moves, pulling it on the ground. At the same time, it may have a weight that is more than 6-7 times the weight of a tiger.