What do wild turtles eat ?

In nature, turtles themselves choose the food suitable for them, which is available in those regions where they live. Their diet includes both plant and animal food in different ratios, as well as mineral substances. At home, the turtle must be provided by its owner in order to feed the turtle correctly.

Turtles by type of food are divided into 3 groups, listed below. Each group corresponds to a certain ratio of plant and animal food, which must be given.

The constant feeding of turtles that are unsuitable for this type of food (for example, to give Central Asian meat or swamp feed with a single herb) is fraught with problems with digestion, metabolism and internal organs.

To predatory turtles are almost all fully aquatic and all young aquatic species: trionics, young red-eared, marsh, cayman, musk, etc. With age, some of them become omnivorous. Predatory turtles are fed with fodder insects, molluscs, fish, seafood, dry food.