What do Wolverines eat ?

Since wolverines are predators, their diet is mainly composed of animal food. They feed on mouse-like rodents, hazel grouses, black grouses, sometimes by what remains of the bears, wolves, hunting. If the animal has nothing to eat, it can attack the wolf himself (but this is rare) or beat him off, the lynx has their prey.

Sometimes wolverines hunt large ungulates, their prey is wounded, sick or young animals. Wolverine can kill an animal that by its growth exceeds it by 5 times! But this happens mainly in the winter. A high snow cover makes it difficult for animals to move, wolverines use it and attack their potential prey. These predators are able to persecute the prey for a long time, because they are enduring.

These animals are nocturnal, they sleep during the day, and they go out hunting with the onset of twilight.

Wolverines desperately defend the boundaries of their territory if they are violated by an individual of the same sex. They settle in crevices of rocks, under the twisted roots of trees and in other similar places.

They often change their place of lodging in search of prey. But at the same time they try not to go beyond the boundaries of their personal site, which sometimes stretches to 2,000 square meters. Km. Wolverines have excellent hearing, flair, sharp eyesight. The animal has long claws and powerful paws, so it’s easy for him to climb trees.