What do Woodlouse eat ?

In nature Woodlouse  prefer to eat vegetable food. The fact is that in their digestive tract live bacteria that are able to easily digest and assimilate cellulose. Due to this, the lice grains fully absorb even rough and small parts of plants.

In the fields, in forest plantations and deserts, the lice trees are eaten by the remains and roots of plants, which for certain reasons have begun to fade, seeds, decaying and overripe fruits, falling leaves. Since there are a lot of such organic remains in nature, the fruit will never lack food.

Woodlouse  is a small representative of the family of crustaceans, reaching a size of 10-18 mm. Many people have one of its appearance is a strong disgust, reminding them of a cockroach. Her oval body is dark gray or brown, covered with scaly armor. In an adult, you can see thin tendrils, which can be compared with rachis. It is important to note that they perform a tactile function. Also, the insect has seven pairs of legs that allow it to move quickly.