What do Woodpeckers eat ?

The main food for them is bark beetles and larvae. For hours woodpeckers chop wood with their beaks. This work contributes to the special structure of the skull in these birds. Due to this they never get a concussion.

Woodpecker is an amazing bird, a savior of the forest, a great devourer of harmful insects.

Woodpecker in summer eats a huge amount of insects, freeing trees from pests. The woodpecker feeds mainly on those insects that are on the bark from above, but behind tasty larvae and beetles, it lazy to climb into the depths of the tree. The scientists found out that the woodpecker, in fact, uses acoustic waves to find insects under the bark of trees. Striking a hard beak in a dry tree, the woodpecker by sound determines the direction of the voids and unerringly finds the pest at the end of the stroke.

In winter, the woodpecker eats mainly pine and spruce seeds. He skillfully removes seeds from the cones with his beak and even uses constant machines for this purpose-fork branches.