What do worms eat ?

They can drink the blood of different living beings.

To do this, they suck their victims with suction cups, and after that they start to drink blood. Before doing this, the leeches release a special substance into the victim’s body that anesthetizes the body. Thus, if a leech sucks in, you can not immediately feel it. Only after a while you will see that the leech sticks to you and drinks your blood.

Earthworms are omnivorous. They swallow a huge amount of land from which they absorb organic substances, in the same way they eat a large number of all kinds of half-rotten leaves, with the exception of very hard or unpleasant smells. With the content of worms in pots with earth, one can observe how they eat fresh leaves of some plants.

Very interesting observations of earthworms were carried out by Charles Darwin, who devoted a large amount of research to these animals. In 1881 his book “The formation of the vegetation layer by the activity of earthworms” was published. Charles Darwin contained earthworms in pots with earth and conducted interesting experiments to study the nutrition and behavior of these animals.

So, to find out what food, except leaves and earth can eat worms, he fixed with pins the pieces of boiled and raw meat on the surface of the earth in the pot and watched how every night the worms fiddled with meat, and most of the pieces were eaten. They also ate pieces of dead worms, for which Darwin even called them cannibals.