What does a fox symbolize ?

Fox Рsymbolizes hypocrisy, cunning, treachery, cunning, but also the mind. Sometimes it is depicted lying on the ground with an open mouth: it pretends to be dead to lure the prey.

As a night predator, which is difficult to entrap, the fox became in Christianity an analogy of the devil’s tricks. In Slavic culture this animal is often found in fairy tales as a symbol of cunning, resourcefulness, the ability to achieve its own way by deception or flattery.

The red fox was the demon of fire in Rome. Scandinavian mythology connects it with the image of the god of fire.

For the peoples of the Far East, the fox is an example of evil spirit. Erotic associations are found in Chinese folk superstitions, where “female foxes” are considered dangerous temptresses. In Japan, the fox symbolizes insidiousness and the ability to reincarnate, although the white fox is considered a companion and messenger of the rice god Inari.

In North America, a fox is a neutral image of a deceiver, unlike a coyote.