What does a snake symbolize ?

The snake and dragon are often interchangeable, and in the Far East there is no difference between them. The symbolic meaning of the snake is Polyvalence. It can be male, female, and also self-reproducing. As a creature killing it means death and annihilation; as a creature that periodically changes the skin – life and resurrection.

The snake curled in rings is identified with the cycle of phenomena. This is the solar and lunar life and death, light and darkness, good and evil, wisdom and blind passion, healing and poison, guardian and destroyer, spiritual and physical revival.

The phallic symbol, fertilizing male power, “the husband of all women”, the presence of a snake almost always associated with pregnancy. The snake accompanies all female deities, including the Great Mother, and is often portrayed in their hands or wrapped around them.

In this case, the snake acquires feminine qualities, such as mystery, mystery and intuition, and symbolizes unpredictability, as it suddenly appears and suddenly disappears.