What does a swan symbolize ?

The swan is symbolize rebirth, purity, chastity, proud solitude, nobility, wisdom, prophetic abilities, poetry and courage, perfection. There are ideas about the ability of the soul to wander the sky in the image of a swan.

Combining the two elements: air and water, the swan is the bird of life, and at the same time can personify death. In this regard, it is interesting to contrast the myths and tales of white and black swans (life – death, good – evil).

The swan is considered to be a bird of poets. The song of a dying swan is a song of the poet, and its whiteness is sincerity. The famous “swan song” is the designation of the last significant creation of outstanding people.

This concept goes back to Aeschylus (525-456 BC), which mentions the prophetic gift of a bird that knows that it will soon die, and produces amazing sounds.