What does a turtle symbolize ?

Turtle is often portrayed as supporting the world. The beginning of creation is associated with it and it is believed to support the entire world. In China, it was believed that she had predictive abilities. In alchemists, the tortoise symbolizes the so-called conchia. In the Indians of America, the Cosmic Tree grows from the back of the turtle. The Chinese have a tortoise – one of the four spiritually gifted creatures along with the dragon, phoenix and ciline; symbolizes the water element, yin, winter, northern regions, the black color of the primordial chaos. A turtle is called a Black Warrior – a symbol of strength, endurance and longevity.

The banner with the dragon and the tortoise was carried by the soldiers of the imperial army as a symbol of indestructibility, as both creatures, while fighting with each other, remain alive: the dragon can not crush the tortoise, and she can not reach the dragon. A tortoise is often portrayed with a crane as a symbol of longevity. She supports the earth, and her four legs are on the four ends of the earth. Christians mean the decency of a woman in marriage, living alone in the houses like a tortoise in a shell. In the art of early Christianity symbolized evil, in contrast to the cock as a symbol of vigilance.

In the Egyptians, two turtles served as a scale for determining the height of the flooded waters of the Nile. Greco-Romans means the feminine principle, the fertility of waters; the attribute of Aphrodite (Venus), emerging from sea waters; emblem of Hermes (Mercury). Indians have a tortoise – Kasyara, the northern star, the first living being, the progenitor. Avatar of the Vishnu-Keeper. The lower part of the shell is a symbol of the earthly world, the upper part of the heavenly. The turtle supports the elephant, on whose back the peace rests, while the elephant is the personification of the male principle, and the tortoise is the female one; together they symbolize two generative beginnings.

In the Japanese, it supports the immortal and World Mount sanctuaries and means longevity, luck and support. The symbol of Kumpira, the god of mariners; attribute of the goddess Benten. The “Sumerians” are dedicated to Ea-Oannes as the Master of the Great Deep.The Daoists symbolize the Great Triad or the cosmos in its entirety with the dome of the sky (dome-shaped upper shell), the middle earth and the mediator ( body of a turtle), and waters (the bottom shell).