What does butterfly mean ?

Butterfly РInsect with two pairs of wings of various colors, covered with microscopic scales. Butterflies are found all over the world. These insects are distinguished by large multicolor wings, which, unlike moths, keep them up during rest.

The butterflies feed on liquid sucked in by a long tube-shaped proboscis. Although many butterflies drink nectar, some of them feed on sweat, and some – even viscous juices of fresh cow manure.

From the egg of any butterfly a caterpillar hatchs, which grows until it turns into a pupa. The chrysalis hangs immovably from the plant or lies in the ground, and inside it the former caterpillar turns into a butterfly. A few weeks later the pupa bursts, and a butterfly appears. Her wings straighten and catch the wind, lifting her into the air.

The wings of the butterfly-glazier are almost transparent. Color appears only at the edges. The wings of butterflies are covered with many thin scales of different size and color. Scales begin to fall off a few days after the appearance of the butterfly on the light and its wings become uneven and untidy.