What eats snakes ?

Although the snake can not be attributed to the lower link of the food chain, it is also far away to its head to these reptiles. The thing is that lovers of snakes in nature are not so little, they are predatory birds (falcon, hawk, stork, peacock, etc.), mongooses, crocodiles, wild pigs and wild boars, representatives of the cat family, hedgehogs, monitor lizards and many other animals, all and not count, because for each species of snake there is an enemy, depending on the place of residence of a particular individual. It is noteworthy that even snakes do not disdain eating their own kind and cannibalism is not uncommon.

When hunting for snakes, different kinds of animals rely on various cunnings or features of their body. So, for example, a snake hunting a hedgehog has an innate resistance to snake venom, forty times the resistance of any other animal. And this despite the fact that the snake and so it is difficult enough to put a hedge bite because of its barbed protection.

Few people have not heard of Mongoos, famous as fearless hunters for poisonous snakes. These small animals, like a ferret, do not have any protective mechanism against the poison, and if the snake’s bite reaches its goal, the animal, like any other animal, will die. Therefore, rely on the mongoose only for their extraordinary natural dexterity.

Among those who eat snakes, the ingenuity of birds of the order of the falcons is made by their ingenuity. Grasping the prey with strong claws, the falcon lifts the snake high into the sky and throws it on the rocks, then proceeds to the meal.