What is a baby fox called ?

Baby fox usually called kit, but you can also call him cubĀ or pup. The period of birth of kits is mainly considered to be the middle of spring. To breed, the foxes dig a deep hole, but sometimes they can take someone else’s. Usually one female produces from four to six foxes. Pregnancy lasts from 44 to 58 days.

After birth, the mother feeds offspring with milk for about 1.5 months. When the cubs turn 2 years old, they already become fully adult individuals. The foxes, grown up cubs, are fed live prey, the foxes themselves kill “food”.

The main rivals and enemies of foxes are wolves and other large predatory animals. But the main fighters of the fox population were and still are people. For the sake of smart fur hunters kill a huge number of individuals, and this threatens irreversible consequences for the population of foxes.