What is a baby kangaroo called ?

As known the┬ábaby kangaroo is called a joey. Surprisingly, the cubs of such large animals are born tiny, only about 25 mm, and completely helpless. They are the smallest of mammal babies in relation to the size of the mother. And already from the first minutes of the life of the kangaroo the test awaits: he must get to his mother’s bag.

A very long time remained a mystery, as the cub was in the bag, thought even that there he was born. Later it was believed that the mother kangaroo immediately after birth takes the baby in the mouth, opens the bag with paws and puts it there.

And only when the kangaroos began to be watched in captivity, the secret was revealed. Pregnancy lasts about a month. When the birth time is close, the kangaroo mom sits on the ground, passing the tail between her legs, and begins to lick the bag and stomach.

Soon a kangaroo appears, looking more like a little worm than an animal depicted on the coat of arms of Australia. And this worm begins its two-minute journey to the bag on the mother’s licked path.