What is a baby lion called ?

Baby lion called cubs. To give birth to the cubs, the lioness leaves the pride. Lions, like all kittens, are born blind and helpless. After 6 weeks, mom and kids return to the family. Usually all lionesses of the same pride give birth almost simultaneously. And then they feed the lion, not sharing, where their own, where the stranger, and jointly protect. It’s easier to survive.

Newborn lions are threatened by large predators. Therefore, the mother takes them several times a month to a new lair (shelter), so that the smell does not accumulate, attracting enemies. Just like a domestic cat, she wears them, holding a fold around her neck – as they say, “by the scruff”.

Newborn lion is not easy to immediately join the family. They are afraid of everyone except Mom. But gradually they begin to play with their peers and get used to adult members of the pride.

However, kids can face a serious threat: if the power changes in the pride and the other lion is forced out by the main lion, he seeks to kill the defeated cubs. So the story told in the cartoon “The Lion King” has real grounds.