What is a baby lizard called ?

A┬ábaby lizard called a hatchling. Lizards multiply, laying eggs in the soil. Of them, in 50 – 60 days, newborn lizards appear, ready for independent life. The exception is the viviparous lizard, which is widespread in the north and is found even in the tundra beyond the Arctic Circle. It gives birth to live cubs, up to 12. The existence of lizards laying eggs, for the development of which a warm “nest” is needed, is simply impossible in the northern conditions. The size of adult lizards together with the tail is not more than 15 cm.

In the south, in gardens and orchards, you can see other less common lizards – medium and green. All kinds of lizards living in our country are not only harmless, but also bring great benefits.

In the Caucasus, there is a legless lizard-spindle. She lives secretly, and you do not often see her on the surface. This completely harmless animal, unfortunately, is often confused with snakes and tries to destroy. Her brown body is covered with a perfectly smooth, fairly large scales, eyes with separate eyelids, the tail is blunt.

The scientific name of this lizard is the spindle brittle, which is associated with the ability to break off the tail. This is one way to avoid danger – to sacrifice the tail, but to save lives. This ability is peculiar not only to the spindle, but to many other lizards. In place of the torn tail, then a new one will grow up. The boundary between the former and the newly grown tail is often well marked.