What is a baby panda called ?

A baby panda called a cub. After the mating season, one or two small, blind and completely helpless panda cubs appear. Only a month later their eyes open and the animal can see.

In 21 days after the birth the kid gradually obgustaet a woolen cover, at last the color becomes very similar to the relatives. Weight at it absolutely tiny – on the average 180 gramme.

Closer to two months, the baby already weighs 4 kilograms, while the weight of an adult animal ranges from 17 to 160 kilograms. Literally before the birth of a panda female begins to seriously engage in the construction of hollows.

Of the two babies, one survives most often and remains with his mother for a year, in view of his helplessness. To great joy, the small panda animal reproduces well in captivity and lives about 25-30 years.

The specific lifespan of a panda in nature is unknown. Scientists claim that it does not exceed the life span of a panda in captivity and is estimated at about 20 years.