What is a baby rabbit called ?

A baby rabbit called a kitten. Rabbits, like other farm animals, have their own biological characteristics. They have a high fertility: the rabbit in the litter brings in an average of 6-9 rabbits, the best females – 12-14, and especially prolific females – up to 19.

Some rabbit breeders are amateurs, using compacted sexol (6 or more per year), receive from one female up to 40 rabbits. Her daughters from the first occasions during the calendar year are also able to give an offspring. Together with this litter, it is possible to grow 150 or more rabbits a year, or 3 to 3.5 centners of live weight, and make 5 women’s fur coats out of skins.

Due to the high intensity of reproduction, a significant amount of meat can be produced from rabbits in a relatively short period of time.

Implement rabbits on meat can be from 2 months of age. These features provide a very rapid growth of the herd, a wide possibility of maneuvering in the conduct of individual production processes, a constant, almost impeccable possibility of replacing sick animals (including those from the production herd) with healthy ones.