What is a baby squirrel called ?

Baby squirrel called a pup or a kit. Squirrels are a large detachment of small rodents that live in many parts of the globe, with the exception of Antarctica and Australia. Their distinctive features are an elongated elongated body and a large fluffy tail. The color of the fur varies depending on the region of residence and season – from white to black.

The main area of ​​residence is squirrel – forests, parks and squares. They settle in the hollows of trees or build spherical nests of branches, moss, wool and grass. Sometimes rodents prefer to find empty nests of birds and even settle in birdhouses.

In the summer of squirrel, usually 45 grams of food per day (in pregnancy – 85 grams), and in winter even less – 35 grams. The basis of nutrition – pine nuts, acorns, beech nuts, hazelnuts, seeds and roots of some plants, mushrooms.

After feeding the squirrel do not forget to wash your hands well. Despite their sweet and innocuous appearance, they can carry on themselves dangerous to human infections and bacteria.