What is a baby swan called ?

Baby swan called cygnet. Swans are monogamous birds, they form constant pairs and remain faithful to their companion for life. There is a belief that a widowed bird commits suicide by falling from a height to the ground. Of course, there is no scientific truth in this statement.

Though swans are true to each other, but in case of partner’s death, not too old bird can create a new pair. Nests of swans of enormous size, from the stalks of reeds and grass, they construct a pile with a diameter of 2-3 m and a height of 0.6-0.8 m.

In laying 3-7 eggs, the female incubates, and the male is on guard of the nest. The incubation lasts 33-40 days.

Interesting. that in all species of swans (both white and black color) the hatching hatch covered with gray fluff.Nestlings are well developed and from the first days of life they accompany parents and look for food on a par with adults.

After the moult, the chicks are covered with feathers and begin to fly (at the very early ripest swan in 40 days).