What is a baby turkey called ?

A baby turkey called a poult. Turkeys, living in nature, equip a nest for chicks on bare ground, laying in the spring of 15 to 20 eggs. It also happens that they are breeding turkeys in the fall.

There are cases when wild turkeys joined and remained to live among turkey domesticated birds. And their offspring was distinguished by great health, endurance and fitness.

At home, usually one strong turkey has up to twenty females. Turkeys of the first year of life usually cover from 15 to 20 turkeys per month. At an older age, their capabilities are reduced by about three times.

The appearance of the ability to lay eggs coincides with the age of physiological maturity and comes in a period of 7 to 9 months. Early maturity depends on the species and breed, is genetically conditioned and transmitted along the paternal line. But also on the weight of the turkey, as the heavier individuals mature longer. In a year the poultry turkey lays 118-125 eggs.