What is a baby turtle called ?

A┬ábaby turtle usually called a hatchling.┬áTurtles live alone and are grouped only during the mating season to select a suitable pair. At this time, males are fighting among themselves, defending their rights to continue the race. After mating, the females lay eggs, from which the offspring appear – small turtles.

For masonry, they often dig holes. Young individuals, if they manage to survive, grow stronger and grow up, have good chances for a long life. Turtles are known for longevity. They live on one hundred and fifty or more years. They also feel good at home with proper care and feeding.

Turtles are edible, but more often are harmful to humans and even dangerous – poisonous. Almost like mushrooms. People catch large edible marine and freshwater reptiles, mainly because of their delicacies. Turtle meat is soft, tender, pleasant to the taste. It is boiled, stewed, fried and used even in raw form. From it, as well as from other kinds of meat, the set of various dishes prepares. It is combined with vegetables, cereals, spices, mushrooms, greens. Known to the whole world turtle soup.

In addition, turtle meat has a beneficial effect on human health: it helps to strengthen immunity, increase hemoglobin in the blood, reduces the risk of oncological and infectious diseases, gives anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effect.