What is a baby wombat called ?

A┬ábaby wombat called a joey. Since the resettlement of Europeans in Australia, the range of wombats has been steadily declining. Destruction of their habitats forces animals to “try for a tooth” non-traditional food for them – and this does not always go to their advantage.

In the spring, most of the population of the wombats of the species Lasiorhinus latifrons tasted in the south of the country “overseas delicacies” – as it turned out, they were poisonous green fruits of the cathofel.

As a result, 85% of the animals were bald, lost their appetite and climbed out of the holes in the middle of the day to keep them warm in the sun. According to Peter Clements, an employee of the Australian Society of Natural History, Wombats received a strong blow to the liver, and they needed emergency medical assistance.

The Queensland wombat is one of the rarest animals on the planet. Today, it has about 115 animals that live on three square kilometers in a small reserve in Queensland. Secretary of the Treasury Ken Henry (Ken Henry), a well-known environmentalist in Australia, in 2008 shocked the government with his decision to leave his post for the care of endangered animals.