What is a female duck called ?

A female duck called hen. The body length of the duck is from 40 to 66 cm. The wingspan is just over 90 cm. Weight is between 850 g and 1.40 kg. Duck can live up to 29 years. Settled mallards, if they find a suitable place for the nest.

Nora Mallard is not needed. She needs a well-sheltered place near the water. As a rule, such a place is found by the duck. But there are also mistakes. The mallard arrives early, when there are still large spring puddles, when the rivers are still poured.

A bird will find a suitable place by the water, make a nest. And the water will go away: either the river enters the banks, or the spring puddle dries up altogether. But the nest is already built or the construction is in full swing – it’s too late to change the place.

In winter, these birds usually live in pairs or in packs. At this time, they can be found on ponds in parks. If you carefully observe the mallards there, you can see how their marriage games take place. Mallard breeding in the northern areas, with the onset of cold weather migrate south. Mating occurs from March to August. Duck is a polygamous animal (the male can mate with 2-4 females).