What is a female fox called ?

Female fox called¬†vixen.¬†The mating season for the fox begins in January – February. At this time, the female rushes to find males who declare their readiness to marry in a short, abrupt barking. During the rut you can see an amazing group: the beautiful woman is running ahead, and behind it – several males at once. In the end, the patience of the males is depleted, it’s time to choose which of them is worthy to take a place next to the female.

You can observe fierce fights between males, during which the fox patiently waits in the side of the winner. The right to mate with the female receives only the strongest fox. At the end of the estrus the foxes run to the sides.

Pregnancy in foxes lasts 51 – 52 days. By the end of this period, males are awakened by their father’s instinct. They search for pregnant females and again fight with male rivals, now for the right to stay near the female.

Henceforth, the winner takes on all the hardships of family life: helping dig a burrow, feeding a fox at a time when she can not leave the newborn, shares with the female the responsibility for raising young foxes. Foxes usually appear in late April or early May.