What is a female lion called ?

Female lion called lioness. Most lionesses are capable of breeding from the age of four. Males begin to mate from the moment of the onset of estrus in the female. Lioness can mate simultaneously with several males, if she has ovulation. During the mating period, which can last several days, lionesses mate 20-40 times a day, and, as a rule, refuse to eat. In captivity, lions reproduce quite well.

The pregnancy of the lioness lasts an average of 110 days, after which up to 4 lions appear on the light. The backs usually take place in a secluded place, away from the rest of the Pride. The female begins hunting itself near the place where the cubs hide. Lions are born blind and helpless.

Their eyes open somewhere on the seventh day after birth. Kids begin to crawl in a day or two, and walk on the fourth week of life. The weight of a newborn lion cub is 1.2-2.5 kg. The female regularly takes the young to a new place to avoid the accumulation of odor in the lair, which is able to attract predators.

Usually the female returns to the pride, when the cubs reach 6-8 weeks. If the birth occurred simultaneously with other lionesses, she may return earlier.