What is a female pig called ?

A female pig called a saw. Sexual maturity these animals reach already in 5,5-6 months. One sow can bring an average of 8-12 piglets, although in large litters there are 15-20 newborns. The number of nipples in females is also variable, they can be from 10 to 16.

Usually under the uterus are left as many pigs as there are nipples, and the rest are fed artificially. The sex of pigs significantly affects the quality of their meat: in boars it has an unpleasant smell and is not suitable for use. To get rid of this shortage, male pigs are castrated before the beginning of fattening.

Such an operation can be carried out with an adult boar, but it can be hammered only a few months after emasculation.

Pigs are by nature not very bright, therefore vision does not play a big role in their life. But the sense of smell is very important to them. With its help, they unerringly find food even at a great distance or under a thick layer of soil, in this sense they are not inferior to predators.