What is a female swan called ?

It’s known that the ¬†female swan is called a pen.¬†Everyone knows that the choice of a pair of swans is only the only time in their life, and they remain faithful to their partner. The male guards his winches and warns of danger.

If the birds are alarmed, the eggs fall asleep with down and branches, and they themselves circulate in anticipation. Return to the nest can be after checking the territory.

After five weeks, the chicks add to the parents of cares. The swan is a brood bird, the heirs appear downy and ready to eat. Wards last for a year, the family of swans always keeps together, even when the grown-up chicks are ready for the seasonal flight.

Feed themselves crumbs down in shallow water themselves, but under the supervision of parents. The female often warms the chicks under the wing, allowing them to climb onto her back. Adolescents mature slowly, puberty reach only 4 years.