What is a group of bears called ?

A group of bears called a sloth. Bears are territorial animals. Each individual owns a fairly large area, controls, which hunts and hibernates. Up to two years old females live together with cubs. Bears are avid loners, but in rich places for food, for example, on a berry meadow, several individuals can meet at once.

Having satiated, they disperse. But the bear invaded someone else’s territory, waiting for a meeting with the owner, which may result in a collision. The search for food takes a long time, so bears are active day and night. Sleeping bears in disguised shelters – dens, which are in the deepenings under the roots of trees.

A white-chested bear arranges a nest on a tree. Bears of the Ursus genus, living in cold climatic zones, hibernate in winter. Winter sleep lasts from 78 to 200 days. The exact time depends on the area. At the time of hibernation bears arrange a lair among the windbreak, under the roots of trees or dig it on the slopes of mountains and hills.

They lining and warming the lairs with grass, leaves and moss. Bears fall into a long hibernation in order to survive the hungry winter period.