What is a group of butterflies called ?

A¬†group of butterflies called kaleidoscope. Some butterflies make migratory flights. It’s amazing, such fragile creatures make a huge way, escaping from drought or cold. They do not live long, from several days to several weeks.

The life of butterflies  is amazing, and passes several stages. From the eggs laid by the female, caterpillars appear, then they turn into a pupa, and only then you can see unusually beautiful butterflies. This process is called complete metamorphosis. And everything begins with beautiful courtship and marriage dances.

Finding a suitable, in the opinion of the female, a nourishing and secluded place, she will put eggs on the underside of the leaf and fly away. After 8 to 15 days, larvae-caterpillars are selected from eggs, and then leaves are eaten.

The caterpillar eats, which means it grows, sheds several times. She lays fat reserves, due to which she will eat in the state of the pupa. Also from these fat stores will be formed paws, wings, proboscis. The time will come and the caterpillar begins to twist a cocoon around its body, the caterpillar skin, head is dropped.