What is a group of crows called ?

A group(flock) of crows is¬†called “murder”.¬†Crows are exemplary family birds. They create a couple for a lifetime. Partners hunt together, sharing useful experiences. During courtship, birds show each other an embossed plumage on the throat. In the year there is only one masonry, consisting of 2-7 eggs.

Ordinary crows begin to nest in March, when it’s still cold, the southern hemisphere species nest in July-September, that is, also at the end of winter. Bird’s nests grow on tops of trees, lining them with hair, feathers.

The same nest is used several years in a row, on occasion crows can use the nests of falcons, kites. Young people stay with their parents for about six months. Sexual maturity comes to 2-3 years. In nature, the enemies of these birds are large birds of prey. In addition, the southern species of crows – Tasmanian, Australian (Corvus orru), small (Corvus enca), floresque (Corvus florensis) – suffer from nesting parasitism of a giant cuckoo.

Quite often, farmers are involved in the destruction of birds, mistakenly believing that crows are killing young animals of farm animals. Because of the unfavorable factors, crows in nature live relatively little (about 12 years), but their life span in captivity is one of the largest in the world of birds – about 40-70 years.