What is a group of ducks called ?

A group of ducks usually called a flock or brace. Ducks are very sensitive to lack of oxygen in the air. Therefore, in places of their maintenance, it is important to ensure good ventilation of the premises.

This is also necessary because ducks produce a lot of moisture with the droppings, which creates an increased humidity in the room. This is not desirable. For the same reason, ducks need a lot of water. The temperature in their habitats should not be excessively high, because ducks do not have sweat glands, so they suffer a very bad heat.

Domestic ducks are cute and useful birds, which can be kept with pleasure. Most domestic breeds come from mallards. Musky ducks are popular, especially in Europe. In size, they approach the small breeds of geese. These ducks come from Central and South America. Ducks are united in 10 families that are found all over the world. In most species, the color of plumage of males and females is different.

Domestic duck length 51-71 cm; weight 1,4-4,5 kg; wide beak; medium length neck; an elongated boat-shaped body; pointed wings; short tail; broad, membranous paws; dense plumage; in some breeds males and females differ in their color; live up to 10 years.