What is a group of elephants called ?

A group of elephants called a herd. Elephants maintain a sensitive relationship among themselves. All members of the herd are related to each other by kinship ties and old animals help young people take care of the offspring. Sloths are also very attached to the mother and enjoy universal tutelage.

Between the elephants there are no skirmishes except for the mating season, when the males make fierce fights over the possession of the female.

In other cases, the elephants show mutual assistance: they immediately respond to the alarming cry of the tribesman, stand up in his defense and even help the wounded brothers. Elephants communicate with the help of low uterine sounds, and in case of danger they make a loud roaring roar.

Elephants have an exceptional memory, they remember the places of watering and feeding for many miles around, they recognize the tribesmen after a long separation. A high level of social ties among elephants is manifested in yet another phenomenon – elephants are able to recognize dead brethren.

When a herd of elephants stumbles upon the skeleton of a dead animal, they stop and die down. Sometimes elephants touch the skeleton with a trunk and feel it, apparently elephants are able to identify the “personality” of the deceased fellow.