What is a group of ferrets called ?

A group of ferrets called besyness or business. Ferrets are small predators from the family of cunies. They have an elongated body, and this has its advantages of these animals. They are relatives of weasels and ermines.

This animal has several names: a forest ferret, an ordinary ferret, a black ferret, and also a black polecat or a dark chorus. The domesticated ferret is called a fret or furo.

Ferrets are the inhabitants of the Eurasian continent. Animals can be found in the northern and European part of Russia. They live in both low-lying forests and on the fringes. They like to settle near water bodies, but animals do not swim very well.

These small predators seldom burrow their burrows themselves, they often occupy the fox or badger fencings, as well as the hare. In villages or villages, forest ferrets find shelter in sheds or cellars. The forest ferret likes to hide under the stumps, in the fallen trees, under the clutches of firewood and even in haystacks.