What is a group of flamingos called ?

A group of flamingos called flamboyance or flock. Flamingos gather in packs and multiply in colonies, headed by elderly males, in which there are 10,000 pairs of pains. In case of danger, the elderly male emits a dull sound, serving as a warning for all birds in the pack.

The beginning of the mating season depends on the flamingo from the abundance of food. Therefore, no one knows if the well-known nesting sites will be occupied at any time of the year. In the mating season, males perform a special ceremonial dance, in which they repeatedly repeat certain movements, for example, they clean feathers.

Nests flamingo large colonies on fresh or salt lakes. Colonies of flamingos often number tens of thousands of nests, which are very close to each other. On saline lakes, the salt concentration may be such that it can not withstand any vertebrate except flamingos. Another unique phenomenon was noticed by Charles Darwin.

The flamingo colonies give one of the most striking examples of synchronization of individual reproductive cycles in birds, when many thousands of females, as a matter of conspicuity, start laying eggs simultaneously during the day.