What is a group of hamsters called ?

A group of hamsters called a horde. There are 24 kinds of hamsters. In nature they are found in the steppes of Eurasia. These single rodents live in burrows. Large species show aggressive behavior to all animals, including dogs and even humans.

The ration of hamsters is mainly vegetarian, but the hamster does not refuse from insects, frogs and lizards. Hamsters use so-called “cheek pouches” to carry supplies to them underground. In winter, hamsters climb into burrows, but do not fall into hibernation. On warm days they wake up and eat some of the stored food.

A female Syrian hamster can bring several litters a year, each of which will have up to 18 cubs. All domestic hamsters went from one family of Syrian hamsters caught in Syria in 1930.

In fact, even if the hamster has succulent fodder, it needs additional water. In nature, of course, hamsters do not make water, but at home without water they simply have to be unaware. Exceptions are dwarf hamsters who drink much less Syrian or they really can have enough juicy forages.