What is a group of hippos called ?

A group of hippos called bloat or herd. Hippos live in herds, in which the strictest hierarchy is observed. Families live in a particular section of the reservoir and consist of 10-20 females with cubs and an aging male, a harem-keeper. Individuals that have grown up, but have not yet reached puberty, are kept by separate communities.

The males of the hippos live separately. They are quite aggressive and often arrange fights among themselves.

As a rule, these fights begin with certain rituals, but they continue without observing the rules and sometimes end with the death of one of the males (see the video of the hippo battles below). Behemoths’ gripes are awful spectacles: males tear each other’s fangs, and even the bleeding opponent’s opponent pursues, biting and finishing.

Hippos are among the most dangerous African animals. They seem sluggish, slow sluggish, and therefore they are not very much afraid of animals and people. Meanwhile, the angry behemoth attacks the elephant or man swiftly and not only tramples, but also tears it with his monstrous teeth.