What is a group of kangaroos called ?

What is a group of kangaroos called ? The  group of kangaroos called a mob. Now scientists know that in nature there are about 50 species of kangaroos. They can be divided into three groups: the smallest Рkangaroo rats, medium Рwallaby and the most famous Рgiant kangaroos. It is the giant kangaroo with the emu ostrich depicted on the coat of arms of Australia.

Gigantic kangaroos are also three kinds. Gray kangaroos, the largest of the whole family, can reach a length of up to three meters. They like to live in wooded areas, for which they received another name – forest. They are the most friendly and trusting of their kind.

Red, or steppe, kangaroos slightly inferior to their gray relatives in size, but indigenous Australians like to tell that previously there were males three and a quarter long.

In addition, red kangaroos are more graceful. This is the most common form, they are found even on the outskirts of big cities, and in the “kengurin” box they have no equal.