What is a group of parrots called ?

A group of parrots called pandemonium or flock. Speaking about the types of parrots, it is common to divide them into domestic parrots, large parrots, average parrots and small parrots. The division is certainly very strange and conditional, but we will not break the standards 🙂

Types of parrots are different and their – well-known, the main species of parrots – there are about 21. This and the average parrots, and parrots are small. And each species has its own interesting facts. In general, parrots are smart birds, no matter what kind they are. And among these species of parrots a person knows only a small part …

Many parrot diseases are very similar to human ailments. For example, a parrot has diarrhea, a parrot can have a tick, your parrot sometimes does not have food weldability … All these symptoms the owner of a parrot should know in order to make the right conclusion how to treat a parrot. This is an important point in keeping the birds.

It is clear that you first contact the veterinarian. But .. In my experience it is best to know the basic ailments that your parrot may be exposed to, in advance and yourself. What a parrot can become bad from, and he can even get sick.