What is a group of pigs called ?

In this case the name of group of pigs can be different occurring pigs age. Young group of pigs called a drift or a drove. Older pigs group usually called a passel or a sounder of swine.  This causes astonishment, but the pigs are clean and very fond of order. Thanks to good memory and intuition, they are easy to train.

Some nationalities refer to havronions with great reverence and love, and the Egyptians considered them sacred animals.

The amazing ability of pigs, even on a dry day to find a puddle or mud and fall into it, does not at all speak of their natural stupidity and uncleanliness. Taking mud baths, pigs protect themselves from overheating and parasites. A layer of dirt that remains after bathing in a puddle cools the pig. After drying, the mud falls off along with the parasites.

Among the first domesticated animals was a pig. A clean animal divides its housing into zones: a toilet, a bedroom and a dining room. Pigs will never defecate where they sleep or eat. If possible, arrange a toilet away from the eyes of strangers. Even very small, the pigs try to crawl away from the mother in order to cope with the need.