What is a group of raccoons called ?

A group of raccoons called gaze.  In desperate situations, when a raccoon can not hide or run away, he pretends to be dead. Often this trick saves his life. In the US raccoons are sometimes kept as tame pets. They easily get used to both people and the environment.

Young raccoons are especially charming in communication and adored in the home circle, and their tricks are very busy.

But, along with all these positive qualities, very soon the animals discover and such features as stubbornness and excessive curiosity that can create serious problems for their owners.

However, the greatest difficulties occur when raccoons get older. Having reached puberty (in females this is in the first year of life, in males – the second), they can become uncommunicative and even aggressive.

The life span of domesticated raccoons reaches 12-16 years. In nature, these animals live no more than 2-5 years.