What is a group of turkeys called ?

A group of turkeys called a rafter or gang. Turkey is a kind of bird from a detachment of chickens. Males are called: turkeys, and chickens are turkeys. They have a slender posture, short and powerful wings, a small tail and long, strong, red colored legs.

The head and neck of the bird do not have feathering, as can be seen in the photo of a turkey. Representatives of different sexes have characteristic external differences and differ greatly in size and weight by 35-50%.

The weight of an adult turkey is from 9 to 30 kg (sometimes up to 35 kg), and turkeys from 5 to 11 kg. Domestic turkeys are considered large birds, second only to an ostrich. Plumage is bronze, black and white shades, as well as other colors.

A characteristic feature of the bird are fleshy, warty growths, called “corals,” whose color varies depending on the emotional state: in the ordinary, they are dark red, and in a state of aggressiveness and nervousness changes to purple or blue.