What is a group of zebras called ?

A group of zebras called cohorts or herd. A zebra is a very curious animal, which often suffers because of this character trait. She has a pretty good sense of smell, so she manages to hear the danger in advance. But with a zebra sight, there are some problems, a predator can be seen not in time.

They live as herds. For one male in such families, 5-6 mares fall. The head of the family always furiously protects all his mares and cubs. If one of the herds is in danger, the male bravely enters into a clash with the predator until the male succumbs to the incredible pressure of the male zebra and does not back down. In the herd there are usually from 50 to 60 individuals, but sometimes this number reaches up to a hundred.

They are peaceful and friendly animals. They distinguish their brethren and learn by their voice, smell and patterns on the bands. For the zebra these black and white strips are of a kind, like a passport with a photograph for a person.

The most dangerous enemy of these striped animals is the lion. Leo is by no means their striped disguise. He finds them, in any case, because of the delicious meat he has loved.