What is a male duck called ?

A¬†male duck called drake. Ducks can be divided into two groups. The first is river ducks, or gray ones. These include mallard, pintail, teal teal, teal teal and teal-mud. These ducks are looking for food “head into the water, the tail is up” in shallow water.

They have not only a different way of obtaining food than river ducks, but another form of the body is shorter and more flat, and when the dive swims, its tail is parallel to the surface. In total there are 112 species of ducks.

Mallard  is one of the few species of ducks known not only to hunters, but also to most people who do not have anything to do with hunting. The fact is that mallard is very widespread and has become the ancestor of most breeds of domestic ducks. Mallard is a wild or semi-domesticated duck.

And as we could see, looking at the mallard, domestic ducks differ little from their wild ancestors. Among the mallard, there are often individuals with white spots on the body. These are the results of mating mallards and domestic ducks. It hibernates in the south of Asia and the north of Africa.