What is a male elephant called ?

A male elephant called bull. Wild elephants live in a herd, up to 15 animals, where all individuals are exclusively females and relatives. Home in the herd is a female matriarch. Solitude does not endure solitude, it is vital for him to communicate with his relatives, they are faithful to the herd to death.

The members of the herd help and take care of each other, conscience raise children and protect themselves from danger and help the weak members of the family. Male elephants are often single animals. They live next to a group of females, less often they form their own flocks.

Children live in the group up to 14 years. Then they choose: either stay in the herd, or create their own. In the case of the death of a tribe, the animal is very sad. In addition, they respect the ashes of their relatives, they will never attack him, trying to push him off the trail, and even identify the bones of relatives among other remains.

Sounds emitted by elephants with the help of a larynx or trunk can be heard at a distance of 10 km.