What is a male fox called ?

Male fox called¬†reynard or dog fox.¬†The fox is a predatory animal, therefore to it on “a dinner table” the most various small animals can get. Basically, it’s the rodents. Also, foxes eat birds, fish (on spawning rivers), carrion, insects and berries.

Very interesting ways of hunting foxes, it can adapt to the habits of any animal that is “looked after” as a meal. For example, a hedgehog can push it directly into the water so that it turns around, and you can grab it by the abdomen, which has no needles.

When hunting for wild geese, then the foxes prefer to act in pairs: one distracts the flock, the other at this time creeps up and in one jump attacks the prey. And the rodents easily dig it out from under the snow, finding a place by the sound.

Still, it’s not for nothing that foxes are known as cunning animals – how can they only invent ways to get their own food!