What is a male pig called ?

A male pig called a boar or barrow. The ancestor of domestic pigs was a wild boar. Its ancient name is a boar. The boar is distributed almost throughout Europe. It is found in the forest, steppe, semi-desert and tropical regions of Asia. He lived in Africa, but was exterminated. Delivered once to America, it is easy to acclimatize there. He can live in coniferous forests and oak forests, in steppes and mountains, in semi-deserts and in the tropics.

This amazing ability of a wild boar is easy to live in a variety of places, perhaps, first of all, due to the fact that it is omnivorous. He almost never has problems with food. Acorns, nuts, seeds, rhizomes, bulbs of plants, berries, mushrooms, grass, fruits of wild apples and pears, larvae, insects, frogs, small rodents, eggs of birds – it suits everything.

The limb fingers of the animal are arranged in such a way that it can, without falling through, cross the marshy places. A boar can swim five or six kilometers.

In individuals living in the northern regions, a dense warm undercoat is formed by winter. In case of hunger, fat is deposited under the skin. This is a pretty strong and brave animal. Calm and lazy in appearance, the boar in a moment of danger turns into a ferocious beast. According to hunters, the wild boar is a terrible, independent creature with a lightning reaction. Hunting them requires extraordinary dexterity, bravery and coolness. Hunting for a wild boar was considered a very prestigious and worthy occupation, so the royal hunt was often arranged on this particular beast.