What is a male rabbit called ?

A male rabbit called a buck. The digestive apparatus of the rabbit is well developed. The stomach is single-chambered, has the shape of a horseshoe-shaped sac and is located behind the liver, across the abdominal cavity. Gastric juice has a great digestive power due to increased acidity.

Rabbit possesses an original ability to enrich its diet by itself through repeated passage of food through the gastrointestinal tract. In the cecum, dietary fiber is exposed to bacterial processes, the products of its decay are partially absorbed by the body. Soft feces, excreted by rabbits at night, is rich in protein and B vitamins. Animals immediately eat it (coprophagy).

At first it was considered a vice, but the scientists found that for some animals coprophagia is a purely physiological process and is very important for the body. The night litter contains vitaminized “pills”.

They are “prepared” by bacteria in the blind intestines. Only when these “pills” are eaten, the biologically active substances contained in them enter the blood and tissues of animals.